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PREVENTIVE CARE– Vaccines, Animal Tests, Wellness Exams, Parasite Control

Routine Vaccinations

  • Canine (Dog)
    • DHPP(Plus Corona for puppies)
    • RABIES
  • Feline (Cat)
    • FVR-CP
    • RABIES

-Dogs should be tested for heartworms annually, and all animals tested for intestinal parasites each year. We carry several types of heartworm preventatives. All dogs in our area should be protected against heartworms, and we have a couple of options to prevent heartworms in cats as well.

-Annual wellness exams with blood testing to screen for unseen medical problems is recommended for animals 6 to 7 years and older.

-We also recommend year-round external parasite (fleas, ticks) control-we carry a variety of products to keep pets bug free.

Laboratory Tests

Most of our laboratory tests are in –house, giving us results within a few minutes.

  • Heartworm testing
  • Feline leukemia/ FIV testing (Cats)
  • Fecal exams
  • Skin scraping and ear cleaning and cytology
  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Diagnostic Profiles (internal organ screening)
  • Thyroid testing
  • Urinalysis

Laboratory tests performed at outside labs include:

  • Biopsies and Cytologies
  • Cultures and Sensitivities
  • Blood levels of therapeutic drugs
  • RADIOLOGY (x-rays)

    The Animal Hospital of Emporia has a state of the art digital radiology system. We are able to evaluate many orthopedic, thoracic, and abdominal conditions with our radiology system. If indicated we can email radiographs for review and consultation with a specialist.


    We use a propofol/isoflurane combination for surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia, and for procedures that can be performed under heavy sedation, dexdormitor in combination with other drug(s) is our sedative/analgesic of choice.


    We use a propofol/isoflurane combination for surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia, and for procedures that can be performed under heavy sedation, dexdormitor in combination with other drug(s) is our sedative/analgesic of choice.


    • Spays
    • Castrations
    • Feline declaws

    All of our surgical patients receive pre-operative exams, and we recommend pre-op blood work as well. Post-op pain medication recommendations will also be discussed with clients at the time of the surgical appointment.

    In addition to the routine surgeries listed, the Animal Hospital of Emporia also can perform the following:

    • Lump/mass/growth removals
    • Repair of lacerations and other forms of traumatic wounds
    • Caesarian sections and pyometra
    • Abdominal exploratories with (when possible) surgical repair of detected problems
    • Surgical biopsies
    • “Minor” orthopedic procedures
    • Hematoma ear repair
    • And others

    The Animal Hospital of Emporia provides hospitalization for those patients that require more than outpatient care. We have the capacity to administer intravenous fluid therapy, with an automated pump that regulates the amount of fluid a patient receives. We also have a separate isolation room for treatment of contagious diseases, such as Canine Parvo virus and Feline Leukemia.


    Micro chipping allows for permanent identification of a pet. While not a “tracking device”, vets and shelters scan found animals allowing the opportunity of reuniting pets with their owners.


    Our staff can do wonders for your dirty pet! We schedule several baths each weekday, with nail trims, ear cleaning, and gland expression included with this service along with as much combing/ brushing as needed.

    For those of our furry pets that need professional grooming we have Tammy Garrison here on a regular basis. Tammy is an experienced groomer, a true magician with clippers and scissors.


    Dr. Grenell has used chemotherapeutic agents on many patients where surgical removal of a tumor/cancer was not enough to control the problem. Because Emporia is located more than one hour from the nearest veterinary oncologist, being able to receive regular chemo treatments locally is very convenient to our clients and patients. The types of cancers we have treated using chemo agents include:

    • Lymphoma
    • Mast cell tumor (a form of skin cancer)
    • Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)
    • Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen and skin
    • Mammary (breast) cancer
    • Pancreatic cancer

    And others; Chemo doses for animals are set so that our cancer patients usually feel just fine! These treatments have given some patients high quality months and years that they otherwise would not have had, and others have been cured of their cancer and gone on to live a normal lifespan.


    Boarding services are available for our canine and feline patients. Dogs are exercised three times daily, and all animals in our care are given plenty of attention. There is no additional charge to administer medications to patients that stay with us.


    We address a variety of health issues for our older patients so they can enjoy the highest quality of life possible for as long as possible. Our objective is to address and properly treat medical conditions for these geriatrics so they can remain healthy and comfortable during their “golden years.” For arthritic pets, we use a multi modal approach to help them remain mobile, which allows owners and their four-legged companions to better enjoy the remaining time they have together.


    When a pet’s quality of life has declined and treatment options will not improve things, humane euthanasia is usually elected. An owner’s wishes are always top priority once a decision to euthanize has been reached. Cremation services are available for clients who prefer such an alternative.